Danish Newave came about as a reaction to the lack of young Danish art in the Danish Cultural Ministry's Cultural Festival project called "Danish Wave" in New York 1999.

What started out as a protest became a New York Underground Festival with Danish Culture.

There was:
-Two art exhibitions (Vision of Periphery catalog)
-A design exhibition
-Concerts at Windows of the World, (World Trade Center)
Cafe St Bart's, LIFE, Pier 63 and Gershwin Hotel
-Danish Culinary experiences
-Danish DJ's

The plans were also set to have the Danish Soccer Old Boys Team come over and play against a New York team, but the NYC team backed out in the last minute. Preben Elkjær and Michael Laudrup were ready to kick some NYC ass.

Page from the "Going Away" party

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NIGHT Magazine spread

1. Amen & Gry
2. Hornsleth
3. Pretty Girls
4. Karen Finley goes Danish
5. DJ Steff & TNT @ Pseudo Broadcasting
6. Charlie & Mark Lin
7. Steff
8. Créme & Amanda
9. Boserup

Charlie (with Mark) was the NYC DNW mascot