Digital Portraits


The portrait of Cyrinda Foxe Tyler was comissioned by Urs Jakob for Cyrindas Birthday party at the Gershwin Hotel 1998. They were later sold at a benefit auction for Cyrinda at CBGB's. The original set is in a square of four, since it was always said that Cyrinda was the Marilyn Monroe of the Rock n' Roll Scene.
Portrait of Cyrinda's husband Keith

Joseph "Big Joe" Varner

Taken at Palladium Club 1997

The original set was in a square of four and got stolen out of Joe's apartment

Billy Name
taken at Billy's home 1997

A combination of Einstein's tungue and The Hindu godess Kali's blue tungue

Billy's mantra is krank krenk krink kronk krunk

Kali's mantra is Kring
(listen to Kali's mantra here)



Check out Billy's site here

near left image taken infront of Billy's bathroom photos poster. Now hanging on the 12th floor of Gershwin Hotel, NYC

Related earlier artwork

Collaboration with Ultra Violet
The Center, NYC 2001
See Ultra in a video with the work behind her


Mick Rock

shot at Gershwin Hotel, 1997

Mick's site

HR Giger

Taken at The Giger Room at Limelight Club 1998.

Comissioned by Peter Gatien and his dear wife Allessandra

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