Original size images includes:

Marie Frank

Tobias Juul (Fisseboy)

Bevin MacNamara

"How Gay"

Sharon Middendorf

Italian Elle article about images

Studio view when working on images

Gallery view of the images framed

Images in new context

Night Magazine original layout concept

John Lohse

The first versions of the images was commissioned by Peter Gatien for the 1998 incarnation of Limelight.

See Night Magazine spread

Right after completing the above images there was a need to throw the feeling Jacob had put into the work out the window. His hope was that the people in the image or people that they represented would understand what he was trying to explain to them and himself.
Jacob has a hard time with real confrontations and agression, but the photos took a severe pounding.

The performance/happening manifested itself in
the following way ("Internet voodoo")

Inspiration image