Jacob had just arrived back to the little town of Malmö that he had spent his last high school years in, ten years earlier.

It was like the ten years had never gone by and he was back just graduating, going out into the real world of swedish society. The very same situation he had left as soon as he possibly could. While there, he had had a couple of important friends. One was Jens Evald Hansen, another Frans Burghofer, a third was Anna Bring.

By compiling the different areas of inspirations to his work he made after leaving Malmö, Jacob produced the project "Slideshow" that happened every wednesday for five weeks during the month of June 2003. It was held in the courtyard of Malmö Konsthall, to relate to the open air events he held at The Gershwin Hotel roof top and Pier 63 in New York.

1. New York New School: photographers who had also gone to school at ICP in New York.

2. Graffiti Photography: Jacob's early inspiration in art, music and lifestyle.

3. The Malmö School: The group of artists in Malmö that would have been his peers, had he stayed.

4. Malmö Old School: The group of artists or era Jacob was inspired by in his photography before he left. Jazz being the key word.

5. Danish Newave: The group of artists Jacob would have had as his peers if he had been able to live in Copenhagen.

DJ Whitelines (who is Jacob's alter ego when leaving the house while living in Sweden) dj'd the soundtrack to the images shown by the artists.
Different styles and themes according to the night.

related project by his father