DJ Whitelines
A persona that became a natural progression from Jacob's other characters. He appeared for the first time at the Chelsea Piers Arts Festival September 2001 in a performance done in the Frying Pan Boat. It was a performance done as part of the project In Control, where DJ Whitelines performed a Siren exorcism in one of the little rooms of the rusty old boat. While in New Orleans he developed further and fine tuned the traits of the character. The outfit was inspired by his good friend and local Croatian artist Surge who also helped him with his Letting Go project. When living in Sweden DJ Whitelines gained new power by the very fact that it was Jacob's only way to created art or be an artists around the Swedes. The uniform and disguise was essential so he would not involve his own energy and feelings with the people he was surrounded by. DJ Whitelines did projects such as "Prosack" where the performance concept "AIRMIX" first appeared. Then came "Slideshow" at Konsthallen and after that Luftkastellet where DJ Whitelines worked. NIGHT Magazine had a 25 year survey exhibition at Malmö Konstahall that Jacob curated and DJ Whitelines performed together with his female counterpart in Sweden called Peggy Sue (read interview between them). He also did the soundtrack to Anton Perich's NIGHT-The Movie screening at Malmö Konsthall and choreographed the fashion show/performance and collaborated on the soundtrack with Magnus Svenningson for The Salvation Army event. He represented New York with his "AIRMIX" video in the "Contemporneity" show in Kirgistan and Denmark in the exhibition "The Taste of Others" at New York's Apex Art Gallery, both curated by Leeza Ahmady and hosts the AIRMIX Championships at the Malmö Festival 2004. In 2007, DJ Whitelines was transformed into DJ Triangle Lover, who performed on Swedish TV with the "Airmix Performance". Read a nice article from Afghanistan about DJ Whitelines HERE

Who is DJ Whitelines?

The Grandmaster Flash song "Whitelines- Don't Do It" inspires to the name. A song that talks about how great coke is, but at the same times proclaims Don't Do It!
Whitelines often appears in Jacob's paintings, to represent decay, drugs and decadence. (example)
When one drives fast and furious on a road, one drives in the middle having the whitelines in the road underneath you, to not loose control

DJ Whitlines produced the song/rhapsody "Over She Said" as part of an attempt to deal with the loss of his love; New York. This in a project together with Lars Schwander of Fotografiskt Center in Copenhagen.
Download it here and look at this page while listening.


The evolution

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