Concept of Curating

The concept of curating other artists work is often more a question of collaborating on a idea or a concept, using the media the other artist controls.

It is all about the process in creating and developing the work/the show itself. The art/product/show is the child of a giving relationship between Jacob and the artist.

When it is not a direct collaboration, it is often Jacob's deep admiration for the artist or her/his work or person.

Jacob's reward is the experience.

example of curatorial projects:

Anna Bokström and Angelika Sliwinski

Paul Olsen

John Lohse

James Melvin Jones Jr.

Ultra Violet (collaborated on the work in the background of Ultra in the video link)

Inge Krause Jonshult


When curating concept exhibitions, the main objective is to get the perspective of the concept from as many people as possible so the veiwer of the work will "get it".

The theme of a show is either something that is burning a hole in Jacob's head,
or a message/situation that Jacob feels need to be exposed/thought about.

examples of concept exhibits/events/happenings:

Max's Kansas City

Wall Street Art Exhibition

Danish Newave


Fashion Culture